REVIEW: Enrique Iglesias FINAL Vol. 2

FINAL, Vol. 2 was released on March 29th.  I wanted to give my readers six weeks to settle into the Spring / Summer 24 music scene before I published my review of Enrique Iglesias’ highly anticipated, LAST, studio album.  

FINAL, Vol. 2 houses 10 tracks:

  1. "Asi Es La Vida" (with María Becerra)
  2. "Fría" (with Yotuel)
  3. "Space in My Heart" (with Miranda Lambert)
  4. "La Botella" (featuring El Alfa)
  5. "Love and Pain"
  6. "Me Voy Acostumbrando"
  7. "Como Yo"
  8. "Llórame Un Río" (featuring Belinda)
  9. "Be Together"
  10. "Espacio en Tu Corazón"

There are three singles from off of this album:  “Asi Es La Vida,” "Fría," and “Space in My Heart.”  

Let's get into the meat and potatoes of a music dish that is best served HOT.

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The rhythms on the album are eclectic and feature instrumentation from many cultures - Pop, Latin Pop, Ska, Dembow, Bachata, Country, and Cumbia.  This production method gives listeners a nice, varied, music experience instead of just a quick listen.  

From “Love and Pain’s” urgent unapologetic vocal execution from the King of Latin Pop Music himself, on to the modern Country signature of “Space in My Heart’s” (read my review of “Space in My Heart” here.

In addition, with this collection of music, Iglesias surgically pulls out Cumbia rhythms with “Llórame Un Río” and Bachata with “Así Es La Vida.”

“La Botella’s” Synth-Pop meets Latin is a nice cut away from the typical Electronic Dance songs that were prevalent on Sex & Love.  This track plays like Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence” fused with Dembow.  

“Be Together” starts and immediately takes me to the 1980s - which does not date the track.  It’s just the vibe of the introduction that mirrors the songs that were HITS during that decade, and I am not mad at it.  Think of A-Ha’s “Hunting High and Lo,” or Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.”  It is the euphoric music line that quickly captivates the ears and just pulls you in.  This track has that magic.  I wish more songs today mirrored this captivating approach.

photo courtesy of Rolling Stone


Iglesias has a surgical skill in creating infectious hooks that captivate millions.

Only Iglesias can bring together artists from diverse musical backgrounds and cultures and place them on one album and it works! 

On FINAL, Vol. 1, Enrique gives the industry what it wants, and it works to an extent (collabs, FX, ) but with FINAL, Vol. 2, Enrique gives the people what they NEED.  You SEE him as an artist and you HEAR him as a vocalist and songwriter.  There is more focus on the music and the message with FINAL, Vol. 2.  I hear more notes being sung by Iglesias on this album.  

What do you guys think?

Let’s place other’s opinions on the table, shall we?  Some fans are stating that this album is lazy or that Iglesias’ music has fallen off since Insominac was released, not to mention that when he was with Interscope his music was better.  Moreover, some say that FINAL, Vol. I is more connected to the fans in comparison to volume 2.

What do  say about Enrique Iglesias’ 12th studio album?  



I hear music diversity.  Much like “One Love, One Love,” as Iglesias says.  I love it!

I do not hear it as “lazy,” and I do not think that Iglesias has fallen off vocally since leaving Interscope or the release of Insominac.  

Honestly, I disagree with the majority of fans and reviewers.  But, I seem to do that anyways in life.  If everyone is wearing black, I will wear white.  But it is more than just ebbing on the side less taken; I really dissect the “WHYs” and “WHATs.”  I took a deep dive into all of Iglesias’ albums released, and really LISTENED and compared.  I took into consideration the decades in which the music was released and the label that Iglesias was connected to during those album releases.  I also took note of the music trends.  And, yes, his music was a bit different when he was on the Interscope label in comparison to recent labels.  While on Interscope, fans would hear a more FREE vocal, expressive heartfelt lyric, and a solid message.  

Recently, there have been more collaborations, vocal FX, and trend-based tracks.  But that is happening in the music industry as a whole. So, one needs to take into consideration the handcuffs that artists wear when they are with different labels.  There are so many things going on behind the music - politics, trends, and many hands in the pot.  

Are you picking up what I am laying down?  

So, for me, FINAL, Vol. 1 had more studio/industry influences (more collaborations and vocal FX), whereas, FINAL, Vol. 2 is more organically Enrique Iglesias.

FINAL, Vol. 2 features music that is more complex in its melodies, lyrics with FRESH storylines (not trends), and a REAL Enrique Iglesias vocal - you are able to hear the passion, anger, sensuality, humor, and FREEDOM as a singer.  

Yes, we have duets on this album, but very few collaborations where another artist takes over the entire lyric, or inserts themselves in the song so much that their part becomes the hook.

With Iglesias stating that this is his final studio album, many fans/people are bidding HIM farewell as if it is the death of his career, but I say NO WAY, this is an evolution.  Iglesias, himself, has stated that he will continue to write, record, and release music, but no albums.

Still, I do not think this is going to be his last album!  I feel that the artist is going to do what Prince was so great at doing, and that is to surprise his fans with another full length album, on another label, and it is going to be SMOKIN!  I think that he had to free himself of the overly stagnated methods of writing, recording, promoting, touring, and selling music.  True artists cannot remain with unresponsive corporations and repetitive techniques.  But, that is another story.  Stay tuned 🙂


Stream and listen to FINAL, Vol. 2 here:  ‎FINAL (Vol.2) - Album by Enrique Iglesias - Apple Music