Enrique Iglesias & Miranda Lambert - "Space In My Heart"


Country Music is having its movement in 2024.  True, Country music has never faded away, but Pop music and Hip-Hop has been dominating the airwaves.  And while I have been tired of some of the songs that major labels force feed the masses, I have been a fan of Latin Pop Music for years.  

Enrique Iglesias’ latest single is called “Space In My Heart” - a duet with Miranda Lambert one of Country music’s best.

Two music worlds come together on this track, Latin Pop, and Country, and both artists bring their “A” game to a song that many are calling “captivating.”  Lambert commented on Iglesias’ IG post stating, “"Texas meets Spain! 🤠Can't wait for y'all to hear this one."  And we are ready!

“Space In My Heart” is the English version of Iglesias’ 2022 track “Espacio en tu Corazón.”  And while this translation still opens with a simple guitar and automatically sits itself in your ear, hearing the addition of the female vocal allows for two points of views that speak on the same topic - lost love.  

Both vocalists are lyrically strong enough to stand alone in the verses and not lose themselves in the choruses.  In the choruses, Iglesias’ vocal ends scale down while Lambert’s vocal ends scale up giving a harmonious, double-rhythm, effect much like a heartbeat.  The chorus sings:    "You don't love me yet, but I know you will / If you only felt half of what I feel / If you ever go, I will never change / There's a space in my heart / and it's just your shape." 

The “less is more” technique used on this track allows for the listener to really listen to the message without distraction - you hear the breaths; you understand the meaning; you feel the emotion.  And OMG!  To hear Iglesias’ voice singing a ballad.  What a gift.  I miss the Hero-type of songs where Iglesias just pours out his emotions when you hear his soul.  It's here in this song.  And to hear Iglesias and Lambert’s vocals match each other well, chef’s kiss.  

The emotions placed on each lyric and the passionate power the storyline delivers, all make for a great duet.  Notice I said “duet,” not “collaboration.” Collaborations can feature 2 or more vocalists, but a true duet features only two. And, it has been a minute since the music industry has given us a true DUET - like what Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie used to give us decades ago.  "Space In My Heart" is that type of song - no bells and whistles, no expletives, no over dubbing, or special vocal FX, just lyrics, music, a story, and voices.  Thank you, Enrique Iglesias for reimagining this song for your fans, and thank you for including Miranda Lambert.  This is 2024’s love letter about lost love, and my heart is full from this song.

Click here to hear the track!

FINAL, Vol. 2 by Enrique Iglesias is set to be released on March 29th.  Check back after its release for my review of FINAL, VOl. 2.