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Back on Tracks

If you are in search of a new groove for the Fall, look no further, just lay your ears on this Funky, rhythmic new track by Ghostly Beard called “Back on Tracks.”  Fans of the Beard already know that when Ghostly Beard delivers a new track, they are in for a great ride – one filled with thrills, emotion, and reflection.  This time around, Ghostly Beard twists the script some and unveils a groovy, somewhat Funk Soul track with elements of Jazz.  

As per usual, Ghostly Beard’s smooth vocals ride the track with ease.  The inclusion of layering backing adlibs gives the tune texture and directs the listener’s ears to different points within the song leveling up the experience.  In addition, the Rock guitar solo that plays as a nice bridge is FIRE!  Ghostly Beard’s guitar technique of modulation builds anticipation to what’s coming next, and then, wait for it, the guitar just sustains and virtually drops the amp.  

Lyrically, the song tells the story of an artist who leaves the scene but is never gone which is something Ghostly Beard is familiar with in terms of creating great music – he leaves to create and then surprises his fans with new music that has addictive melodies.  Today in music, it is no secret that singers and artists release music back to back within a year’s or a few months’ time, due to staff writers writing the music and the artists not having a hand in the production.  But back in the day, an artist would take the time to leave the scene, reflect, live, grow, and then put pen to paper, voice to tracks, and melodies to record – it would be a minute before you would get a new tune from the likes of Bruce Springsteen or U2.  So this song, in its own, is sort of an homage to the real rockers, musicians, etc.  The lyrics sing: 

So you thought that in the end 

I've lost all power and drive 

But I've got news for you my friend 

My mojo's still alive 

I've spent some time to work around 

A different kind of sound 

It's gonna be bigger 

It's gonna be meaner 

It's gonna make you cry 

Because I'm back, back on tracks 

You'd better beware 

Hang on to your hat 

Because I'm back, back on tracks 

As good as it gets 

As simple as that 

From the eclectic percussion intro that smoothly slides into the melodic riff of a mean bass, on to every other instrumental and emotional element, “Back on Tracks” has that sense of definition and dexterity that makes it a Ghostly Beard record.  This latest single reminds me of what a Bowie and Quincy Jones collab would sound like in 2021 - in comparison to these two legends, Ghostly Beard’s music is so complex in nature, but EASY to the ears and smooth.

Download and listen to "Back on Tracks" here!

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