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My Name

We have missed great songwriting and instrumentation for soundtracks in movies or games in the Millennium – this was not the case years ago.  Fortunately, a Rock duo hailing from New York USA had done just so in 2020 with the release of their debut album/CD Red Hot – they are Ivory Tower Project (ITP).  Their song “My Name” from off of Red Hot has wowed many heads with its Rock infused SynthPop music, so much so, that it has secured a sync-license deal with DreamWorks Animation and NBC Universal and has been placed on episode 106 of the Netflix television series: 'Wizards - Tales of Arcadia.' 

Watch the lyric video here:

And even though this song has found a place inside of a great series, let’s not forget the true craftmanship of the song itself – the message behind the music.  “My Name” holds a tight synth-infused opening and soon spills over into a strong percussive core highlighted with guitars and a smoking lead vocal.  The track tells the story of the underdog and how he keeps his enthusiastic optimism in check by reminding himself that he will be great – they will know his name.  The lyrics sing: 

Lost in a world where nobody knows you 

And leading a life where nobody showed you how to survive 

Out on your own with no assistance 

Facing the truth without resistance 

Still I'm alive 

They're gonna know My Name 

It's always been the same 

It's nothing fancy, it's nothing plain 

They're gonna know My Name 

They're gonna feel my pain 

I'm sick and tired of playing their game 

After listening to this track, you will be glad that you can literally tune in to hear this track on 'Wizards - Tales of Arcadia' which is available 24/7 on the Netflix streaming platform, but it is that driving hook and emotional melody that drives you back for more – something that ITP is notable for with their music.  Each song they pen is a story set to instrumentation with each phrase being filled with excitement, which makes every sense awaken with every pluck of the chord. 

This song highlights the key points of “Wizards – Tales of Arcadia” in the same way that the band America did for “The Last Unicorn” – quite simply it’s  illustrative lyrics and musicians that can PLAY!  

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