James Bakian "Kiss Tonight" (single)

Kiss Tonight” is a song that easily sits nicely on the bridge between Soul and Pop/R&B.  Written, performed, and composed by British Pop Soul artist James Bakian, his latest single features a bass-driven core melody blended with a New Jack Swing kick, and contemporary Vox FX.  The lyrical dialog is about moments in time waiting that are met with anticipation for love – Bakian sings:  I’ve been waiting for this / endless searching for it / everything I wanted / I need someone who I’ll miss tonight / I need someone I might kiss tonight / Oh yeah / Just give me your all / give me everything / I won’t hesitate / I need someone I might miss tonight / I need someone I might kiss tonight.  This track is clean with its lyrics but a soulful sexy highlight to a time in history where society has been void of close affection.  The hook is vocally rhythmic on its own with its own tempo being swifter than the core instrumental melody, but these two do not conflict with each other, rather they complement each other and makes for a smooth track.  From the intro to the outro, it is no secret that this is a romantic old school track KISSED with modern day swag and passion.  Check out the official video and follow James on his social media platforms below.


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