Jayna Jennings' Song Review

You, Me, + a Ghost

You, Me, + a Ghost” is a song written by American singer-songwriter Jayna Jennings*.  Written as an acceptance of past regrets and sins, the single begins with serene synths that sneak in similar to how past thoughts creep back into the mind.  The song opens with Jennings singing: 

Will it resurrect every time we fight? 

Memories suppressed with all my might call out to me in the dead of night. 

Will it haunt me till I die? 

Nobody comes easy, we’ve all got a load to bear 

but when you hold me I don’t care. 

That it’s you, me, and a ghost 

As always, Jennings do not rush her vocal tones or timbre, rather she softly moves through the piece by easily embracing the track’s core melody.  Her vocals are convincing and moving.  The instrumentation chosen for this single harkens Jennings’ usual Country Pop roots, but a wonderful bend is the overlaying synths that brings a bit of evanescence adding to the theme of the song.  The song climbs steadily with guitars, piano, and breathy backing vocals that harmonizes with the lead adding perfect texture.  

Here, Jennings reinterprets the way songs about regrets are stylized on mainstream radio by opting to place this theme in a ballad instead of an up-tempo “revenge” track.  By utilizing this approach in arrangement and lyric, Jennings’ represent a theme of non-secrecy therefore embracing how our, or our partner’s, sins, mistakes, past emotions of the soul, and/or regrets, should be allowed to become a part of our lives as we live on in love.  The song ends with soft patriotic drums and Jennings’ voice powerfully excelling illustrating reception and pride.  

What a great track to end 2020!! 

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*Folk/Americana/Bluegrass Vocalist of 2019 – The Josie Music Awards