Liam Sullivan "When This is Over" (Single Review)

When This is Over” is a song written by singer/songwriter/musician Liam Sullivan from Leeds, England written while in lock down during COVID-19.  The track is a melodic prelude to times after the pandemic where society can all regroup, recharge, and live life boundless and free of four corners.  The lyrics sing:  maybe someday when this is over / we can sit out in the sun / maybe someday when this is over / we will embrace everyone / maybe someday when this is all over / we will share a beer / maybe someday when this is all over / we will see what happened here.  The guitar driven Alternative Rock song has a melody that is so infectious that it will stay with you once you stop listening while Sullivan’s voice is so mellow and rich that it creates a quality that the song ceases to have an expiration date.  And with Folk-Rock elements intwined throughout the track, a hook emerges that is surprisingly nostalgic and modern.  Sullivan is harkening the formation of Folk-Rock music of the past and marrying it with an Alternative-Rock core beat.  When This is Over’s melody evolves but stays genuine.  In just three minutes, a listener is awakened and hit with a dose of optimism and hope.  This would be a great centerpiece to a wonderful collection of music – we shall wait and see!  

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