Lucy Booth “Forest Fire” (Alt. Pop) Leeds, UK

Forest Fire” is an Alternative Pop track by Lucy Booth. In this authentic conceptual track, the point of view is told by that artist’s observation of the negative consequences from man’s series of bad choices which in turn wreaks havoc on our planet. 

The song starts with an entrancing jewelry box effect that is laced with soft adlibs.  Booth’s full of air leads captivate the listener and soon explode into flames of urgency singing about how every action is followed by a consequence that either drives one into resolving-mode or an absolute removal of their hands in the matter.   The lyrics “running through the forest fire / In the night, in the night / I saw you drop the match before you ran / In the night, in the night,” explain how man continues to dismiss ownership of the fire started by the many sparks that trail behind him. 

What melds this song within your conscience are the harmonies and unisons connecting dots of expression which brilliantly allude to the artist’s message. 

Lucy Booth’s “Forest Fire” is the splendid alter ego of the typical ballad as it is mild with its melody as many ballads, but in contrast is full of modern instrumentation and production techniques that enchant and enhance the listening experience.  In other words, you are not just sung a story; the song is polarizing with its lyrical message forcing you to have an opinion.      






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