Norphlet "Cardinals (When You’re Gone)”

If I were to describe the latest track from Alternative Rock duo Norphlet in a few words, I would describe it as musically resembling that point in time when someone blows someone a kiss, and even though that kiss is invisible, it somehow echoes and affects the receiving person.   This is “Cardinals (When You’re Gone).”  Out of the gate, the music just drives its way into your soul man – this song just moves – it bends and never breaks!  It’s alive with honesty and personality.  And once more, Norphlet always manages to blend genres surgically and have it just makes sense.  Case in point, “Cardinals (When You’re Gone)” has a solid core melody that is Pop Punk with infectious guitars and heavy drums, but its highlighting instrumentation, like synths and FX, are wildly Emo – and this ladies and gents, gives the entire track a wonderful edge.  The theme of the track is about missed opportunities within a relationship and how living with regrets of not being present within that relationship (be it mentally or physically) leaves one still longing to be remembered.  The way the lead executes his lyrics is candid and personable and gives off a fleeting effect similar to what I was talking about earlier – that blown kiss.  The sustained guitar beginning at the 3 minutes / 34 seconds mark leading into that ah-mazing outro at the 3 minutes / 38 seconds mark is simply sublime.  This Texas/California duo knows how to tell a story and make it become a part of your journey – WOW! 


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