Sunflower Thieves “Heavy Weight” (Pop-Folk) Leeds, UK

 “Heavy Weight” is a song by Leeds duo Sunflower Thieves.  The track features a nice warm musical atmosphere and beacons why we fell in love with Sunflower Thieves in the first place – that presence of peace within words and music that allows for reflection and relaxation.  The way that the duo sings this track enhances the significance of the song’s message which is personal awareness and the ceasing of carrying the weight of the world!  Moreover, the lyrics ask the questions that help people stop carrying the burdens of others. 

The dual vocal on the leads and the harmonies on the hook adds a rich texture supplying that right ingredient to make this song a memorable hit.  And what catches the listener and reels them back in to hear more is the way Sunflower Thieves composed the track.  The song builds very well and never ebbs from that unique peaceful modern styling that is Sunflower Thieves.  That 808 that comes in on the second half of the track, along with the bass guitar, just rides the bottom and gives this soft track a heavy bottom.  This heavy bottom anchors the song thus lending a nice modern dexterity which gives mass and body.  What a pleasant modern way to say let go of unnecessary things.  This Pop-Folk song is so essential right now. 

Sunflower Thieves "HEAVY WEIGHT" Tour is rearing up with their first stop in Tynemouth, United Kingdom on November 3rd (3 November), make sure to be notified of current dates and RSVP tickets for later dates here!

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