Sunflower Thieves "Hide and Seek"

If vocals could sketch lighted images, it would be Sunflower Thieves – spot-on harmonies, unisons, and range!  And the latest single from Leeds-based Pop Folk band, entitled “Hide and Seek,” is the best representation of that statement.  Released on June 3rd (3 June) “Hide and Seek” has a storyline that covers the theme of reciprocation between two individuals where the two know each other’s wants, needs, and restrictions.  The overlapping leads and hooks at the two minutes mark mirrors that nursery rhyme infectious melody that we grew up loving and remembering, while the title of the track is a wonderful play on words as it brings to mind the childhood game of hide and seek but drives home the threading theme of reciprocation within adulthood.  Moreover, the ethereal instrumentation and FX (vox/music) keeps your senses intrigued on to the outro.  Then, the song finishes quietly as it starts, but this time you are left with that “wait a minute” feeling – and you must listen again, again, and again.  Sunflower Thieves live every moment through their songs and the listener hears and feels that personality and honesty come through with each note.





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