Sunflower Thieves Song Review

Don’t Mind the Weather

"Don’t Mind the Weather" is the new single released from the Sunflower Thieves’ latest album, Come Play with Me.  The single, released 26th of February 2021, plays like a heart-written prescription to feel safe through genuine, organic, love.  

In typical Sunflower Thieves’ fashion, the song is built around earth imagery to illustrate a powerful theme.  In the case of “Don’t Mind the Weather,” the theme of the song talks about feeling safe no matter the weather – with the weather being a metaphor for turning emotions, life pulling one in different directions, or just change itself.  As the lyrics suggest, when you are with the person that guards your life, you are safe.  The lyrics sing: 

Tell me your fears 

Pull me under 

The further we dive 

The more we uncover 

When you decide 

We’ll swim to the surface 

Take it all in 

We deserve this 

You’ll see we’re never too far from the shore 

Oh when the moon 

Draws me to you, draws me to you 

Something so silver 

Feels so familiar 

Maybe it’s true 

The tide will carry us through 

In the same manner that a lover’s arms encircle one to create a circle of safety, the acoustic music kinetically creates a euphoric melody of modern soundscapes and rich textures.  In addition, the Sunflower Thieves chose to vocally create a cyclical effect with their harmonies with double tracks.  Their smooth, tonal, vocals blend so well together and forms a pleasant-sounding sanctuary.  The song is powered by a nice ebbing core rhythm – which makes the track very reflective. 

Although “Don’t Mind the Weather” was recorded during Covid-19 with remote recording sessions, this song is mature and timeless in its production. 

After surviving a year of Covid-19, it is welcoming to relax, unwind, and reflect while listening to a harmony-driven song that exemplifies feeling safe. 

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