Cassie Pearl Song Review


Forget a message in a bottle, try a message written on a note and taped to a mirror.  “Party” is a song that delivers in just that way.  Written by Boston USA native Cassie Pearl, this track is very reflective.  Pearl was inspired to write this track to embrace the reality of social anxiety – a disorder that many within society must contend with daily.  The honest lyrics are heightened by Pearl’s vocal attitude and conviction which she delivers with flair through an unapologetic lens.  The fusion of Jazz and Electro Pop gives the track a kind of New Wave appeal and speaks to so many.  In just two minutes, the artist spoon-feeds her audience a powerful dose of reality with a cherry on top!  This productive effect makes the song heavily dance-worthy.  The command to the beat of this track is very modern and infectious.  Very synth-driven, the track closes with a pull-back on the FX leaving the song open-ended which makes the listener push REPLAY! 

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