Dust In The Sunlight Song Review - BLUEPRINTS

Listen to this track’s introduction, and then continue reading on!! 

What did you hear?  What did those lyrics and those surreal lyrical executions bring to your mind?  

No matter the answer – I know you were transported or trapped to standing still – you paused! 

This is “Blueprints” by Dust in the Sunlight – an Indie Pop duo from the UK.  “Blueprints” is the first single off their second EP Same World, Different Eyes.  The lyrics imply how things could be in another time and place, or better yet, how things could’ve been.  The chorus sing: 

That life, we’ll never know 

Names in the sand 

Holding back an ocean 

All we said unspoken 

That life, we’ll never know 

Blueprinted plans 

Holding back an ocean 

Leaving it unbroken 

The core melody created by acoustic guitars and calm synths creates a dreamlike vibe that makes one think of a place where unspoken words are spoken, and love is endless but so hard to grasp or attain.  This is a great track that illustrates the fleeting reality of the unknown in life.  But that is what makes life worth living – trying to find what’s hidden, isn’t it?! 

The alternative appeal will make this track a favorite of all music fans.

When I was introduced to Dust in the Sunlight, they immediately got my attention.  With rich harmonies, pure melodies, and modern instrumentation, it is no surprise that this duo is making waves, big waves, across the UK and now into North America.  And yes, I hear this often in the world of Indie music.  But what caught my ears and attention is the way that Dust in the Sunlight features familiar natural storylines within their musical arsenal, but all laced with a twist.  This is how bands of the 1980s kept the Top 40 audiences intrigued – that balance between reality and fantasy.  This ensures the duo a cemented place in the music industry, and it tattoos each song’s journey onto the minds of their fans and audience.  

“Blueprints” releases today – make sure to purchase, download, or stream your copy!! 

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