Bianca Gerald “#GoddessMode” R&B (Leeds, UK)

Coming out of Leeds is a force to be reckoned with and her name is Bianca Gerald a singer/songwriter who says what she means and shows how she feels.  This candid approach to music is actual and has garnered her recognition – over 500k views on YouTube, airplay on Radio One and Radio 1xtra, and an appearance on Sofar Sounds London.  Now, she’s in formation and setting her sights globally with her newest single “#GoddessMode.” 

“#GoddessMode” comes off the shoulders of her music debut “The Butterfly EP” and is an anthem-worthy track produced by Dave-O.  This mid-tempo track is a great combo of Experimental R&B fused with Dance Pop and Hip-Hop incorporating a heavy, varied, percussion section, modern synth effects in the form of vocal effects mixed with sampling, and live instrumentation.  The command to the beat on this cut is serious and allows for a continues bounce and musical swagger. 

More than a singer, Gerald as a writer displays her skills on this track.  With lyrics that read:  “we are building pyramids, this is deadly serious, this is no game, we don’t play now / they took your beauty tried to sell it back to you / focus on your goals you’ve got nothing to lose / conjure up that magic / don’t you know you’re magic / and they cannot handle it,” #GoddessMode is self-expressive and carries the subject matter of the African female being in control of her life, her ideas, and her ambitions – she’s a goddess and her power is trending, thus the hashtag.  It identifies with women of African descent culturally and globally, yet every race of female can identify with the theme and feel the pride within their own lives as the lyrics are practical and empowering. 

In addition, this track has dual capabilities – radio and film.  One such example is how this modern ode could have been perfect for the new all-female cast, heist film, Ocean’s 8.  The vivid lyrics of "#GoddessMode" brings the grit, grind, and gasoline that a movie as such needs to fuel its power! 

Gerald’s artistry is comparable to Erykah Badu in that she is real and unapologetic in her tone and writing.  She can transition between Jazz, Soul, and R&B giving attitude and bringing royal inventiveness.  She serves up her Mezzo-Soprano vocals with flutters, raps, and soul scales, and she’s smooth with it!  On one hand, she may be more conversational in her vocal execution, but on the other hand, she delves into verse with soulful belts and riffs adding layers with her notes and melody. 

“#GoddessMode” is the preview of what Bianca Gerald will give to the masses – an eclectic musical style and direction that is capable to handle the balance of Experimental, Pop, Jazz, Soul, or Hip-Hop.  Regardless of the genre, or mix thereof, best believe that it will be effortless and expressive. 

She’s the “Royal Flyness” of Indie Music and her upcoming EP “Feelings” is set to drop September 7th of this year.  Check out the video to the track here  in the meantime and keep your eyes on the artist on her Twitter page.

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