This Human Condition “Living for The Summertime” (Electronic Punk) Bristol UK

One thing that early Electronic music gave to the masses was experimentation!  The DJs and musicians back in the day had a sort of unapologetic vibe about themselves where they would create, blend, and produce some of the most in your face beats and melodies that very few other genre-specific engineers would even think about.  

To accomplish this feat today, Electronic music should be able to share elements of the past, modern, and future all by utilizing the right instruments, melody, techniques, tools, and concept.  This Human Condition prides themselves in valuing Electronic music that is accurately on point, and their newest release “Living for the Summertime” does not disappoint. 

Released June 21st, “Living for the Summertime” lyrically illustrates living the easy life – the type of living that is sought after by the millions – that type of escape to the beach, the farm, or the hills just to jibe, vibe, and chill.  The track even alludes to the “golden ticket” from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory which gives it more nostalgic treatments.  It has that easy approach that powerfully hits the core of the human condition containing a nice warm Synth Pop foundation. 

This Modern Electronic Punk track wonderfully blends Modern Punk surreal melodies with Classic Electronic instrumentation that feature a funky bassline, progressive synth chords, and magnetic electric drums.  This fusion keeps the power surged without any monotony settling into the track.  Jamie Jamal leads the track vocally strong with a nice forgiving effect that allows his voice to ebb while Mister-Minchie supports the track’s fancy-free effect with his artfully backing vocals. 

If you love Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Talking Heads, and Coldplay, then you’ll love This Human Condition, and you’ll dig their track “Living for the Summertime – it’s a whole other type of otherworldly that has adventure and idealism written all over it. 






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