Yana - Song Review "Funeral of Life"

Are you ever deep in thought after something happens in your life where you think “but, this was perfectly planned, what just happened?” Or “now what?” Many find themselves in that frame of thought, and it’s hard to bend and not brake when life throws the unexpected your way.  Yes, in life, things happen – there is a cause and an effect - there is change.      

Czech Republic singer/songwriter, Yana, clearly puts the above words into deeper perspective with a song called “Funeral of Life” the lyrics sing:  

We gather here today / To mourn the life we had / Carefully constructed / Perfectly planned / Gone in a blink of an eye . . . You have to feel it / Live it through / Times will change / You gotta change along / We mourn the life / we thought we had  

Quite simply, “Funeral of Life” is a metaphor that pertains to how life is ever changing and unpredictable but finding the way to adapt to that change and say “goodbye” to whatever was thrown at you unexpectedly, helps you heal, grow stronger, and become unbreakable.  

I like to say that there are millions of emotions that humans feel throughout their lives, some recycled, but one song from Yana can put it all into words. 

“Funeral of Life” is the third single off of the greatly anticipated album Journey of the Soul, and if the singles from off of the album is spurring such emotion and contemplation, the album is surely to motivate, perplex, and inspire.    


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*Artwork by Victoria Shalonis