Paul K EP Review


Instrumental albums were all the rave in the mid-1950’s and also during the age of Disco.  Soon, being surpassed by tracks that include both music and vocal, Instrumental albums were shelved and rarely heard on radio.  Occasionally today, one gets the chance to hear a dynamic collection of instrumental music, but when that happens, it should REALLY connect with the human touch, emotion, and mind on all levels.  That is what Paul K’s Anandamide does for its listeners. 

Written and recorded during COVID-19 lockdown period, Paul K, who is a renowned, unscripted, musician/composer/songwriter/performer/producer has created instrumental music that is both perplex and passionate.  And when I say “unscripted,” I mean that he is un-harnessed by the politics and restraints of the music industry.  His creative works are free and timeless.  And what further sets his music apart from what some listen to today, in terms of instrumental music on mainstream radio, is that his music shares the same core as the human touch in that it basically sews itself to its listeners and becomes a part of their life’s soundtrack versus being just background, or elevator, noise. 

A great EP to add to your remote work or stay-at-home music collection, Anandamide has 13 tracks that will resonate with any circumstance, be it trivial or mundane.  The track list includes:  

  1. Dharma 
  2. Moment of Illusion 
  3. Ghostwriter 
  4. Anandamide 
  5. Phanomen 
  6. Kama 
  7. Pranayama 
  8. Duas 
  9. Ephemera 
  10. 10 Lost 
  11. Paralysis 
  12. The God Plan 
  13. Coexist 

Driven by an awesome piano, each song presents a fusion of eclectic, electronic, instrumentation that is serene and euphoric.  The incorporation of synths, soundscapes, and productive FX all adds layers and texture to the EP while keeping it real and smooth.  

Stand out tracks:  Ghostwriter, the title track, Phanomen, Kama, 10 Lost, The God Plan, and Coexist. 

The word “anandamide,” in general, is taken from the Sanskrit word ananda, which means "joy, bliss, delight." Paul K’s Anandamide elucidates this term bringing not only joy and bliss but also a cascade of emotionally driven instrumental music to the masses.  It’s amazing to produce music where its listeners can hear a storyline where there are no lyrics.  Brilliant!  This EP contains music that will fuel passion, spark change, and allow its listeners and fans to just stand in peace.  A perfect way to start 2021. 

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