Song Review - EMZAE (Pop)

If there was a music dictionary, and you could look up the word UNAPOLOGETIC, this song would be the link next to the definition. 

Fresh off the cuff and mind of rising Pop artist, producer, Emzae, we have this fresh cut entitled “THRIVE.”  In just two minutes, this anthemic song with a bounce will tattoo itself to your core.  Emzae sings: It makes no sense to me / hating on yourself / just because you're different to somebody else / you have all you need, so don't cry, take the lead / cause this is what it feels like to be free.  Her vocal attitude and vocal stance are passionately commanding and very rhythmic with a flow similar to rapping – niiiiice!  

“THRIVE” is hook-driven and will appeal to Hip-Hop lovers, EMO loyalists, and Pop listeners.  The modern commanding beat, synth sound FX, and an 80s electronic string section gives this song an awesome swag and gives the listener permission to love themselves and go ahead and take that seat at the cool kids table.  

This is proof that #COVID-19 cannot stop #Music! 


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