Fiona Grey “Girls Like Me” (Pop) California/USA

When you look at the official video for “Girls Like Me,” you will be drawn into the song by one stare by Fiona Grey, and kept there by that VOICE!!! 

“Girls Like Me” has a lyrical storyline about a woman feeling safe with her other half no matter where they go or what they do, but it also holds the message of someone loving a “girl like me” for who she truly is no matter how she looks or what she has on – she sings:  I’m all dressed up, queen with no crown / I tried to be tough but it’s safer here on the ground / you like to sleep, I stay up late / so hold me right now / don’t hesitate . . . . I watch you pick apart my brain / stay still so I can drive you insane / you like the thrill, I need the chase / you don’t understand and I don’t want to explain / Girls like me / Girls like me.  This message is descriptively depicted by Fiona Grey herself in her video.

From the makeup, wardrobe, setting, and overall production, the full message of Grey’s song comes to life.  Grey progresses this image by showing different facets of a woman’s life depicted by different wardrobe choices and makeup stylings and then slowly peels away traditional methods of beauty transforming from a fully made up woman to a stripped-down version of herself by the video’s conclusion – she wipes off her lipstick, takes down her hair, pulls off her lashes, and she leaves.  With this concept, she visually shows how your best side is your true side, and if you are okay with yourself, then that is all that matters.  Plus, if someone wants to honestly love you, they must appreciate an accept all your sides.  You will cheer with tears of joy when she finally stands there poised and perfectly herself.  

Grey’s layered vocal delivery on this track will have you rooting for the artist also.  She delicately places herself within this song and delivers a powerful, emotion-driven, performance.  Her raw vocals are pitch-perfect and demanding having the chops to either break your heart while also being capable of subtly molding your emotions back together again with one tear-jerked trill.  Vocally, Grey is poised and painted in neon emotions.  With her soprano vocals, Grey cuts through this song like a sword being both vocally raw and edgy but tempered with kindness and softness just enough to be approachable. 

Musically, every element is in its proper place – the opening organ eluding to that pondering reflection of self, on to the soft electronic soundscapes, synths, quiet cymbals and additional percussions.  This varied musical tapestry gives us a modern Pop track with some elements of smooth Jazz and Blues.  

I call “Girls Like Me” Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” mellowed-out, honest, little sister that is doing for this generation what Cyndi Lauper did for the listening audience in the 1980s, and that is, teaching us to accept our imperfections and embrace our own image of beauty.  

With so many people being kept in the competitive comparison race due to social media and insta-everything, this eye-opening track will make people aware of their own reflection in the mirror and give them the confidence to embrace it.  

“Girls Like Me” deserves a standing ovation.  WOW!  That’s femininity to the millionth power! 

She is giving a voice to the women who need to be heard!

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