Izzy Thomas “Trouble (Pull That Trigger)” Rock N Roll (London)

In honor of Women’s History Month, I have another female artist making waves – but the kind of waves that cause musical tsunamis with jaw-dropping percussions, unapologetic guitars, and a vocal that turns plain old rocks into diamonds.  I am speaking about Izzy Thomas. 

Izzy Thomas is a London-based singer/songwriter who is gaining recognition in print and online with her sound.  Her latest song “Trouble (Pull That Trigger)” is an example of her QUEEN-stats – a fresh, commercially-ready Rock N Roll track that fuses elements of Alternative Pop with a heavy Hip-Hop bottom.

One element that will stand out from the jump that sets Thomas apart from her peers and competitors is her 4-octave vocal range and the way she moves between those octaves effortlessly.  This is a vocal skill that has become kind of washed-out in Modern Rock N Roll, and Thomas is breathing all types of LIFE back into this genre of music.  Thomas’ vocal technique is astonishing – she sings with an intense sense of rhythm and emotion making sure to place emphasis on attitude without sacrificing her phrasing.  Within one song, she’s sultry, brassy, gritty, sweet, and ferocious – she’s a woman not to be messed with or there WILL be repercussions.  Moreover, the instrumental attitude on this track dances perfectly with Thomas’ vocal energy.  

Featuring a sort of spellbinding effect on the ears, the music production comes at us with thick beats that move comfortably with sonic soundscapes and percussions.  Those gritty chains-on-brick percussive effect is dominating.  The slap-you-in-your-face drumline is spot-on, while the guitars are edgy and hits you on all sides like artistic ninjas wearing nine-inch nails. 

This is a song that has I AM WORTH IT written all over it, and she is worth it.  She’s rough, harsh, but also sweet – the perfect storm!

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