James Bakian “Voices” (Alt. R&B) UK

Voices” is an Electro-R&B ballad by English singer-songwriter James Bakian. 

The song features a down-tempo R&B melody complete with an melodious acoustic guitar riff embraced by synths and soft as pillow percussions.  

The lyrics discuss the way love can be misunderstood in the time of despair:  all the voices in her head got her wishing she was dead.  And my bones are quaking scared.  Got these feelings undeclared.  And I hope she knows I care, cos for her I’ll be there.

In addition, Bakian’s voice has more depth and introduces an infectious powerful lyrical flow.  He accomplishes this sensual vocal prowess by maneuvering through vocal elisions to accent his wide-tenor range while showcasing a dual vocal hook that is haunting yet enchanting.  

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Bakian digs down deep and gives us a track that is full of emotion to start off 2019. 

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