Janos “Zero” (Pop Soul/Funk) London/Oslo

You know how sensitive our society has become today with people jumping on all social media platforms in DEFENSE-mode if/when they FEEL someone has said something they do not agree with (even if it is their own assumptions).  This is especially true if you choose to be yourself and not be molded by social norms and society, or if someone just is not feeling your independence.  So if ever you are too shy to say “do you Boo, let me do me” in fear of feeling as if you’re throwing shade or being spiteful, just blast the latest release from Swedish Pop-Punk Soul singer-songwriter Janos called “Zero” – a track that can do all the talking for you.

“Zero” has a lyrical narrative about self-empowerment and features a relaxed vibe that gets you pumped-up with its confident command to the beat, layered electronic synths, and that brilliant assortment of euphoric soundscapes.  Moreover, Janos’ vocal appeal is on point – his vocal tone soothes you and gets your attention like a shot of whiskey.  

Janos gives us a sexy vocal that is a superb mix of second tenor and baritone raspiness without being too rough.  He also throws in some attitude and casualness which makes his artistic presence approachable and makes this track addictive.  

Nice to hear a track that wonderfully incorporates “jangly” guitar riffs with a fusion of Soul swag, Pop melodies, Punk independence, and a funky rhythm line as its spine.  

Ya’ll, this song is fire!  No fillers here; “Zero” should dominate the tracks.




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