Kings and Castles “Daydream” (Rock) UK

Hey, my readers, are you looking for a song that will clear away the gray skies and make them BLUE?  Well, the four-man Indie Rock band who gave us the EP “Numbers” this summer is back with “Daydream” a Rock single that is sure to get you falling into Autumn the right way – BLISSFULLY!! 

That’s right!  Ross (vocals/guitar), Aiden (lead guitar), Matt (percussions), and Louis (bass), the guys of Kings and Castles, are back!  These Indie Rock heavy hitters are giving us all kinds of FRESH with “Daydream” – a light and expressive Rock track that features a storyline about how living in your head grasping positivity, or daydreaming, is all it takes sometimes to get through a whirlwind kind of relationship.  

The track has a welcoming less is more approach to its production with minimal FX but a wonderful medium to fast tempo that cleverly evokes that drink to forget feeling we get when we NEED to daydream to escape the norm.  

And in true Kings and Castles’ style, the bar is not closed when it comes to the instrumentation, as the head-banging percussions and electrifying guitars keep coming like shots of vodka.  At the two minutes and seven seconds mark, the guitars reign with a solo that gives us 4th of July fireworks in Autumn.  

Moreover, Ross’ lead is free-spirited as always, excitingly thrilling the audience by effortlessly scaling and crawling along with real-word lyrics and motivating melodies. 

“Daydream” runs for about three minutes and definitely has a strut to its stride and is sure to be a concert staple! 

Download your copy here!

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