Light Emitting Dinosaurs “Ambition” Alt. Rock (UK)

Light Emitting Dinosaurs is a band out of Brixton doing what Prince and the Revolution, as well as C&C Music Factory, did back in the 1980s/1990s, and that is mixing quirky and funk with quintessential talent.  Their latest single “Ambition” showcases this exciting uniqueness and is just off-the-wall FAB!  

“Ambition” features a storyline about entering the unknown and conquering that mystery, and the accompanying video illustrates this premise very well with CGI and FX.  And what makes this track such a welcoming addition to the Indie Music Alt. Rock arena are the various grooves and beats that can stand alone but work so well together and eclectically makes a HIT!  That sub-bass that keeps you glued to hear what comes next, along with surreal soundscapes, command to the beat, off the cuff hook, and the frontwoman’s empowering soprano, just takes you there man.  Nikki really knows how to push the power! 

“Ambition” will quickly become that mind-altering, heart-skipping, body-swaying track that you were in search of since you yelled “Happy New Year” weeks ago.  Finally a track opening the new year in Indie Music with that textural element of surprise.  

This modern Rock spliced with Funk and R&B song is not what you’d expect, but is so NOW; therefore, I had to let you in on this LED secret.

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