The Astronots “Settle Down” (Rock-N-Roll) Los Angeles/USA

Hey guys and gals, I’d like to direct your attention to The Astronots – a Garage Rock band from Los Angeles who are charming the ears off their audience with some righteous, Psychedelic, New Age-Rock.  Their latest release “Settle Down” is a mid-tempo track that gets your adrenaline going by incorporating layers of Zen-instrumentation fused with three-part unison and harmony notes which quickly becomes spellbinding.

“Settle Down” is a track about calming down the anxiety that lives in your head and it draws you in by starting with a heart-throbbing bassline blended with flooring percussions.  And what makes this track so magnetic is the pulsating soundscapes, solar-synth effects, that southwestern guitar riff that echoes throughout the track, and those blood rushing guitars. 

It’s like Niko Giaimo, Allee Futterer, Eddie Campbell played with a chemistry set left by Zeppelin and came out with a wonderful piece of Modernly-curated Garage Rock-N-Roll that is all kinds of peculiar, smoky, and groovy – it’s raw, mellow, and organic – exactly what we music journalist would expect to come off the cuff of California. 

Don’t wait to download your copy of “Settle Down” NOW!

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