The Million Reasons “Dizzy” (Rock) Chicago, Illinois USA

A song that has been gaining recognition this summer in the Indie Music community is “Dizzy” by The Million Reasons.  I wanted to share this track with you as I know this will rapidly become one of your favorite Rock cuts. 

A turn away from their previous EP “The Runaround,” “Dizzy” is softer in its approach and plays like an early Rock ballad blended with modern technical artistry. 

“Dizzy” sits on the median strip of the road between Hard Rock and Soft Rock and features a vulnerable narrative that speaks on the topic of compulsive and impulsive affection between two people.  The musical skeletal system of the cut sounds very much like it was written in a modern-like Dorian mode as the opening guitar riff sets up a wonderfully minor musical scale foundation that easily resembles the off-note feeling of being unsteady in love or lust. 

At the three-minute twenty-six seconds mark, the song lays down a bit musically as the instruments scale back, then it slowly begins to crawl, then climb, then with extra layers of drums and guitar modulation, the track goes into a straight up walk.  

As usual, The Million Reasons do not hesitate when it comes to jamming out on the guitars and they make sure the 6 and 4 strings have a major part in the music textile – the guitars are on fire and you quickly think, “wait a minute, this is not a ballad,” but it is – it’s The Million Reasons’ rock ballad and it is unpredictable and musically hypnotic. 

Enjoy the video and this will become your guilty pleasure too. 

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