Trapdoor Social “Truth” (Pop Rock) Los Angeles, CA

I am so excited to introduce Trapdoor Social to you guys!!  A skyrocketing Indie Rock band from La Ciudad de Los Angeles (the City of Los Angeles).  Their latest single “Truth” is that track we’ve been waiting for to blast from Spring Break on to this summer – it is chock full of blazing music that will get you high on life!

A song that edits the fairytale-philosophy of finding that perfect love has never sounded so amazing to me, and the jumping-off-the-page lyrics tells this story wonderfully with a front man who is vocally capable of carrying such a spirited track without letting it become cheesy, and a band who has the talent to keep the pace without sacrificing the mood.  

The way this song builds really heightens the anticipation in its listeners so that by the time the hook introduces itself, we are already there man. 

It’s all here:  from the jangly guitar, the whirlwind synths, and gritty guitars, on to those bass-in-your-face percussions and catchy adlibs, “Truth” is ready for the Billboard charts – I’m just waiting for the rest of the music world to see the fireworks that I see when listening to this track.  Hooks upon hooks gives this Pop track its soul and staying power.  

This is the outdoor concert track of 2019!

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