UON “Exit” (Electronic Post-Rock) Melbourne

From Prototype Musique comes “Exit” from the multi-collective project group UON (Urgency of Now). 

UON is led by producer Simon Segal and consists of Dallas Cosmas (acoustic guitar / bass), Paul Healy (piano), Susan Hume (vocals), Bindy Cohen (drums), and also Simon Segal on synthesizers.  “Exit” was engineered by Wayne Rintoul, and its vocal melody comes from the mind of Milton Nomikoudis. 

Not only is there a message of positive humanity in the title of this creative collective of talents, but the song also spurs positive energy with each instrument, vocal, lyric, adlib, backing effect, and productive technique collectively working to make “Exit” one memorable, freshly classic, Electronic Post-Rock song that is perfectly alchemized to hold the heavy subject matter that needs a dialogue within today’s society. 

Exit’s storyline embraces the theme of contemplation: 

Come, walk with me / if this is where we’re going / stay, stay and see / we are all but knowing / you can drive / I feel / hey, I feel / stay if you please / nothing’s changed from this side / stay if you please / give me something, a sign / can we talk? / Is this fire or ice we walk? / I never know til I’m through the door / within these walls we’re strangers / lions in cages . . . gives me comfort to hear you breathe / It’s the only way of knowing you’re still here with me / I feel / hey, I feel.

The lyrics illustrate how one can be within a relationship but continuously contemplate whether the union is thriving or if it is time to put a period at the end of it all.  And, Susan Hume captures this theme by quietly bringing anticipation through piercing her words yet vocally exhaling more and more as the song grows displaying a sense of curiosity.  By the second verse, an impending piano chord marches in and lays on a whole other ground of inquisitiveness.  At the two minutes / ten seconds mark, a sort of piano sonata bleeds into a vocally chilled solo that crawls, stands, and then walks on to expose a choir that adds power and majesty accentuating the passion of the protagonist’s purpose, and it also brings in a sense of independence. 

Moreover, this song builds with layers of instrumentation – each awaiting their turn and then introducing themselves building a skyscraper of emotions – the guitars pulling along and curbing the core melody; the percussions adding the thought-provoking element; the piano supporting the suspense driven lyrics; the synths directing our emotions; and, the uncompromising core melody that is the song’s skeletal system, all highlighted by a meticulous production from a studio that is capable of making hits. 

When I listened to this track, I could envision a person trapped inside of an iced shard and then suddenly by control of mind, and positivity, the ice begins to melt around them, and then the sun shines and the newly strong individual exits.  And that is what is wonderful about this collaborative production of many talents, each listener can see their own adaptation of the song’s theme. 

This track does what no other song is doing on the market right now, and that is, continually evolve with layers upon layers of melodic changes that are embraced with a lead vocal that classically hugs each curve, stair, and straight edge of the music.  It keeps you engaged and interested. 

And still, there is more to come from Urgency Of Now (UON). 

I feel that UON is about to bring us some awesome, reflective, smoking, modern Chamber Music, because their storylines and conversing instruments induce reflection and change.  Besides, Chamber Music is noted to be the “music of friends” by Richard Walthew (lecturer of published works in South Place Institute, London, 1909), and as "rational people conversing" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (poet, natural philosopher, novelist circa 18th century).  So, who better to take this concept, centrifuge it to accept modern elements of music, combine it with practical stories, thus creating approachable songs, than UON.  

This was worth the wait.  Good to hear a union of many talents breathing through music!  “Exit” released Friday April 26th, so download your copy NOW! 



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