Explicare “Kyoto Sunrise” (Dark Alternative) London

One of the most enthralling songs I’ve heard this summer comes from the mind, voice, and hands of Explicare – a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter based in London, England.  The song I am speaking of is “Kyoto Sunrise.” 

Very much like that beautiful city in Japan where breathtaking natural forms of art blends with classic-contemporary pieces of art in the form of man-made architecture, with this track you can hear Explicare’s classical music background fused with Modern Alternative music.  This variegated approach of creating music presents a musical experience rather than JUST a listen. 

The song slightly pushes off with a muffled synth effect, then enters Explicare’s crystal clear vocals and a sole crisp piano.  Her Mezzo-soprano voice carries on a downtempo on the verses and then climbs on the pre-choruses and hook making for a delicately moving vibe mirroring the cravings of a love-devotee awaiting their lover.  The way that Explicare effortlessly flows from piano, to synths, to percussions, to guitar, illustrates her music prowess. 

Equally authoritative, the lyrics suggests that insanely wild affection that lovers induce:  I’ve been wondering every night how might sunlight fall so heavily, beside you and me, so hopefully if our times fall unaligned, caress my energy . . . . God let this shelter be preserved, for once I feel my love has been deserved.  I’m inclined to hold this automatic gratitude.  You touch my hand I swear; I feel the oceans move.  It’s no surprise, you could eat me alive, you know I want you to.  You’re a sunrise in the afternoon.  My stranger’s psychedelic eyes.  Cherry wrappers fall, we’re playing Virgin Suicides . . . . Your eyes and this Kyoto Sunrise (Kyoto Sunrise).  It’s that once served, always yours, method of romance with the partner harnessing a spellbinding effect, and each one embracing that special gift as if it’s their last to cherish. 

Besides the hand claps, euphoric backing vocals, and echo FX, as well as those unrestrained adlibs, the song garners a minimalistic approach to its production which is so refreshing and places the listener in a type of Zen frame of mind – this aids the listener in harvesting ALL of the song’s fineness, REALLY grasping the jest of its message.  There are no additional bells or whistles to crowd the imagination or create boredom.  

“Kyoto Sunrise” grows steadily, and by mid-section, you’re at a musical summit with the song climbing with the inclusion of additional instruments.  By its end, you are left with a small trinket of instrumental bliss in the form of dramatic instrumentation – icy soundscapes sliding out of existence while holding onto isolated dark piano chords and violins in the same manner as a tragic play from Shakespeare completing its production.  A nice finale to a Dark Alternative Power Ballad showcasing a romantic appetite as unique as a sunrise in the afternoon. 




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