Faith & Harry “Just Be There” (Pop/Soul) UK/USA

A duo in the indie music community that keeps climbing with track after track throwing fist pumps tunefully into this barren musical climate in 2018 is Faith & Harry.  Audiences raved in June when the duo showcased their growing talents on “My BFF’s and Me,” and the fanbase grew even stronger when they dropped their hit ““Happy Birthday” a Post Punk vibe-vacious track.  Now, fresh off the reel-to-reel is “Just Be There” a Pop-Soul track that has a chill-factor appeal.  Written by Faith and tempered with Harry’s instrumental skills, this track is sure to be another crowd favorite!

With lyrics that are more raw and real, “Just Be There” is different than the duo’s previous tracks showing that these are not just teenagers singing a song crafted by a producer or songwriter, no, this is a practical song written by a young adult and performed by two artists.  The lyrics illustrate this fact:  That weary suitcase in the hall, this lonely picture says it all, memory of when we were young, hidden dreams waiting to be sung, how could you give this all away, just for day dreams of a new day.  

Faith’s approach to the track vocally is honest and a bit rough which perfectly showcases the reality of the emotion that spearheaded the track’s lyrical development when she put pen to paper.  In addition, Faith’s voice is very soulful in its melodic execution very much like a young Selena Quintanilla – it has that tearing emotional prowess and those anguished-laced trills.  Moreover, at the two minutes / 22 seconds mark, a layered bridge is accomplished which takes the track over the top – Faith laces the bridge poetically with a youthful yearning vocal riff followed by a kind of spit rhyme that climbs on to the outro – flawless!  

Those facets, along with Harry’s musical inclusions, like Jazz piano,eclectic instrumentation, upright bass, and additional FX, highlights the universal appeal of this end of the summer track. 

With Faith & Harry, it is a double package that houses a millennial brand that shows NO signs in slowing down.  Their competitors just better keep up or drop off. 

The track drops TODAY so make sure to get yours!  Go to and their Twitter page to find out more!

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