“Noirstar” (Dark City Edition) Tobitronics featuring Fans of Jimmy Century UK/USA

Finally a song that gives you the same feeling that you get when you first walk into a basement club – a pounding pulse, chills, and anticipation to move! 

The elusive Luxembourg based “Mixologist of Indie Music” (Tobi) has just released a new cut called “Noirstar” (Dark City Edition) that is a twist from his norm and allows the listening audience a glimpse of his shadow.  For this musical monSTAR, he’s teamed up with Las Vegas based duo Fans of Jimmy Century which features  Alicia Perrone & Victor James.

This drama infused track appeals to Hip-Hop, Alternative, and Pop fans alike.  Tiptoeing into your ear, this modern track builds and brings Cinematic Synth-Scape into a whole new light.  The ambiguity of the lyrics excitingly allows the listener to evoke their own interpretation of the song’s meaning.  Once that dubstep began flirting with my ears, I heard a kind of homage to the concrete jungle. 

The scaled-down bassline and otherworldly vocal effect gives the song a cryptic persona, but it’s light enough to make you lift your fists skyward. 

With the surgical production of praiseworthy pitch drops, smoking synth stanzas, dope lyrics, sleek vocals, leave you hanging hooks, and controlled basslines, “Noirstar” should definitely be placed in heavy rotation on mainstream and indie radio as this track is cutting people up with its muscular musical spine.   

A collaborative success that will bring us on into 2019!

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