Sophia Bella Cucci Song Review


Coming into March like a lioness, Sophia Bella Cucci is once again awakening the music scene with music that has meaning and melody.  Her latest track, “Mother,” covers the topic of how our globe has given us everything and how humans rarely give back – often taking our planet’s kindness for weakness.  And with one of Cucci’s facets of artistry being that she makes sure her music makes an impact, what better way to fully broaden the scope of your song’s message regarding Mother Earth than to release it during Women’s History Month – a time where the achievements and recognition of women are put into focus.  And, “Mother” embodies all that is female – attitude, flexible competence, and solidarity.  

The track opens with a distressed, funky guitar riff and atmospheric synth interplaying on a mid-to-fast tempo.  But the listener will notice that as the song starts building and then closes, the tempo winds down as if to imitate a slowing heartbeat which drives home Cucci’s storyline.   

Cucci brings the magic with her trademark sultry sugar and salt vocal prowess giving the song LIFE!  The background vocals are like mirrors relating the consciences of the masses featuring a quiet choral approach.  Cucci flutters between contralto and soprano chords but plays closer to low notes regarding her range which helps to convey the emotion of the song.  The lyrics sing: 

Her eyes have dried up 

Not a tear left to cry for us 

She gave us her all 

But it wasn’t enough 

Wasn’t enough 

All, all you do is take 

It’s time you cleaned up the 

Mess you made 

Don’t say to move higher 

When the ground is on fire 

The stakes are getting higher 

A house full of liars 

The Alt-Pop track features a blend of Electropop and Dream Pop fused with a powerful bass core.  

Following the guitar solo at the 2 minutes / 19 seconds mark, there is a PAUSE, and the listener assumes that the song is going to loudly modulate, but in true Cucci fashion, there is an element of surprise.  Cucci draws back on FX and keeps everything in the song subdued leaving only her vocal slightly modulated along with a bass.  This production technique gives off the audible effect of how Mother Earth can take back all that she gives.  The song closes with taking your breath away ~ 

A strategy works best when it is put into motion, and that is what Cucci has accomplished with “Mother.”  Strategic!  Finito!

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