The Real Ink “Boi” (Funk, Punk, Rock, and Ska) Manchester

Wanna know how to add four distinct genres of music together and get the sum of something GREAT?  Well, ask The Real Ink – a 5-piece Rock, Soul, Reggae, Alternative band from Manchester that has a monstrous hit on their hands.  Their recent cut “Boi” creatively and successfully combines Funk, Punk, Ska, and Rock and brings splendid things to the world of Indie Music – it puts you in the groove, leaves you hanging, drops you, picks you back up again, and then circles you into a mad, wicked, trance of realness.

“Boi” is a Modern realistic song that tells the story of a millennial girl and the way she digs being courted.  It features sarcastic lyrics and features a huge ensemble of current, well-crafted, exceptional instrumentation. 

The musical lineup includes:  Molly (front-woman), Aron (Percussions), Joseph (Saxophone), Fynn (Guitar), and Gabe (Bass). 

The front-woman starts the song with a pleasure pitched “oh” and the band begins to play adding texture, progressions, and levels that are smoking.  I mean, it is not the typical modern instrumentation we are used to hearing on Top 40 radio which is full of overused electronics and trivial music lines blended with lazy scores, nah, it is a fully charged band in use here that pumps up the funk.  Within 50 seconds into the song, that horn section just sounds off man!  Then, the bass is plucked, and your core is moving.  I simply loved the way the horn section builds steadily throughout the song. 

And the way Molly uses her lead and adlibs is like liquid as they are so fluid.  Very much like Cyndi Lauper with her vocal blend of confidence and quirkiness, but very much original and modern with her exaggerated poise and sustained feminine swag which makes her a power-player. 

It is no mystery that The Real Ink is a group of talented music creators.  

Staying true to the formula of four genres, on “Boi,” fans will get to taste the Funk by those crazy insane percussions; the Punk is felt with the front-woman’s electric vocals and brass knuckles swag; the Ska is felt with that standing bass, rhythmic Calypso undertones, and horn section; and, the Rock gets you with blazing guitars, keys, and tempo.  To put it simply, it is as if a mad scientist took a risk and mixed George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic with No Doubt and Amy Winehouse, and then threw a little splash of Blondie and Green Day into the formula, and the final product was The Real Ink. 

So, get ready to do a seat bounce carried over to a fully blown out dance routine when you hear this track, because like a tattoo put on your body with REAL INK, this band is here to stay and makes a statement from the first bass pluck to the final cymbal.  Download this track and get your ink!

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