Becky Bowe "Don't Darken My Door" (single)

OMG, when Becky Bowe softly starts her song singing in that pleasant silky soprano with the words: “I’ve made up my mind, ran around a thousand times, strong enough to see when something is wrong, now I wanna be free, free from everything, sorry it ended this way . . . don’t darken my door.” I just stood up and said “YES GIRL!”  "Don't Darken My Door" is the Pop R&B ballad of the spring.  A song about self-love, reflection, endurance, and moving on awaits the ears of everyone who is longing for REAL MUSIC, and it never sound so PERFECT!  The backing vocals add texture and weight to a song that is rightly strong but passionately inspiring as it shows a woman who demands light instead of darkness.  

This song harkens the soft R&B tracks sang by Mary J Blige back in the day with its soft instrumentation and crisp finger snaps.  Lyrically, “Don’t Darken My Door” is full of no excuses just affirmations and promises revealing a woman who is set to stand in her truth.  The acoustic guitar that introduces the track adds a simplistic flare that is so carefree and promising.  Then in comes Becky Bowe – an artist known for her versatility in voice and in writing.  She balances letting her vocals crawl, stand, and then soar, and it is so technically beautiful.  The scaling between low and high harmonies showcases Bowe’s full range, while her gritty and soulful delivery demonstrates the candid and unapologetic vibe this song conveys.  

Bowe is easily becoming my favorite female artist because she is compassionate yet bold enough to make her demands in song and stand in her truth. 

Becky Bowe 

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